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Arctic Lodge, a log chalet boosting 355m2 of TravelScapes is hidden away from the civilisation in northern Lapland, by majestic lake Inari. Modern facilities make the lodge a perfect hideaway any time of the year, while the untouched nature, the lifestyle of Sámi, and the Nordic mythology are about to contribute to your lifetime experience in Arctic.


Sámi, the indigenous people inhabiting Inari region, have greatly contributed to the local way of life. Inari is an excellent location to learn about the traditional Sámi crafts, where wood, bone, reindeer skin and antlers represent the most common raw materials. The Sámi life is vivid in northern Lapland, and the engagement with the local culture is a fantastic way or learning about the life in the Arctic.

Ukonsaari, a rugged island in the Lake Inari, holds one of the best-known ancient sacrificial cave in the area. A visit to this small island takes you back to the past, nevertheless it has been discussed that the site was used for sacrifice rituals as recently as until 19th century.

Nature has always played the most important role in Nordic mythology, and Mother Nature is regarded as something precious we must respect. However the earth here in Lapland is so precious you may in fact find gold under ground. The largest nugget found in Inari weighted 393 grams, and here the finder is the keeper. Gold panning is a thrilling experience we look forward to introducing you to.


Good 6 months of the year Inari gets a luminous blanket of snow, providing the locals a transport and shortcuts available only during winter. In addition to husky sledding and skiing, Inari holds one of the best places in the word for snowmobiling. TravelScapes Action uses its own fleet of state-of-the-art snowmobiles, designed to race you across the exotic snowbound winter landscapes. Trails traverse through birch and pine forests and up to the treeless fells, through otherworldly tundra sculptured by snow and ice. The journey on the snow here will take you all the way to Muotkavaara, the shared cairn of Finland, Norway and Russia.

Nothing obscuring the view to the sky, far away form the city lights, the Northern Lights are the common phenomenon in the Arctic sky. Either you wish to sit comfortably in the lodge, or get together by the campfire by the frozen lake, the sight of the dancing skies is breathtaking.


When the days start providing more light than darkness, the winter quickly begins to give up, allowing more space for new life that is poking out underneath the snow and ice. In the latitudes where the Arctic Lodge is situated, the sun does not plan to set during the midsummer months. The forests and lakes are inviting you for archipelago hopping, lake cruising, fishing, cycling and berry picking.

As the days get shorter again, the nature goes crazy in the colours, and the spectacle leaves you speechless. For one it’s time to get cosy by the camp fire, while the others have waited for the autumn all year, as the hunting season is on and forests are bursting in mushroom.

What ever the season, at Arctic Lodge we invite you to take a break and join us to experience a slower pace of life. As you get familiar and involved with local culture, traditions, cuisine and natural wonders, the Arctic climate puts you under a spell and you’ll return sooner than you realise.



Available for tailor-made itineraries all year around, created for the season.


  • 5 nights accommodation with full board at Arctic Lodge
  • Private beach, pier and sauna
  • Private full-time chef
  • Private full time host & driver
  • All transfers, private
  • Boat transfers (summer only)
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Private visits to local cultural and natural attractions incl. specialist guide
  • Entrance to Siida – home of Sami culture and Arctic lifestyle
  • Hiking & fishing with nature guide
  • Wild food experiences
  • Wild berry & mushroom picking (summer and autumn only)
  • Swimming & Ice swimming
  • Northern Lights camp (winter)
  • All required clothing and gear
  • Gold panning


  • Building your own snow igloo
  • Ice-driving
  • Ice sculpting
  • Rafting & kayaking
  • Horseback riding
  • Husky sledding
  • Snowmobile expeditions
  • Photography tutorial on Arctic landscape, wildlife or Northern Lights
  • Book our film crew to capture your entire holiday
  • Hunting (hare, elk, wood & willow grouse, wild duck)
  • Reindeer herding
  • Quad biking
  • Mountain biking (summer) fat biking (winter)

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