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Here, in the wilderness, you’ll have a better chance on spotting one of the Arctic big five, than a fellow human being. TravelScapes Action’s survival camp welcomes you to challenge yourself in the Arctic conditions and learning to survive from the nature, while enjoying world-class hospitality and deluxe comfort.


Lapland, the region of Northern Finland, Sweden and Norway, is the home of Europe’s last wilderness. Especially during the summer months the wildest parts of Lapland are inaccessible due to dense network of freeflowing rivers and crystal clear lakes, extensive swamp areas and majestic Alpine peaks. The mighty fjords, primeval forest, perennials snowfields and glaciers will ensure this expedition is no walk in the park. The demanding, unpredictable weather conditions that have helped the region to remain largely inhabitable, are about to contribute to the challenge ahead of you.


For Nordic people, Lapland’s pristine wilderness is the source of ingredients for our kitchen. Our cuisine is organic and literally local, usually picked and hunted by our crew members. The water in the lakes and rivers, while cleaner than the tap water in most part of the world, is rich in salmon, trout, perch, pike, grayling and whitefish. The swamps and backwoods are the home of various berries high in vitamins, and regarded as superfood, such as blueberry, lingonberry, cloudberry and cranberry. The forests are filled with mushroom and wild herbs. Willow grouse, reindeer, elk, mountain hare and roe deer are typical game in the area. This will be your menu for the coming days - once you pick up how to live from the nature.


This challenge can also be built with those travelling with children. Set yourself and the kids on adventurous spirit, while learning about the natural environment and the important skills of survival like shelter, water, fire, and food. Learning these timeless traditions, such as native shelter building and fire-by-friction, helps to build self-esteem and awareness from knowing that you can survive! This camp is 100% hands-on and very active. Everything you learn, you learn by doing and being outdoors, hence no indoor classrooms or long lectures are to be expected.

TravelScapes Action’s survival camp is a great opportunity to pull your kids and teens away from television, smart phones, and other electronic devices, and get them excited about the outdoors. The non-existent mobile signal will be a great aid, while our crewmembers are always equipped with satellite phones, so connection with ‘civilization’ for any reason is always an option.



Soon after arrival you will discover you are about to enter some place rather inaccessible. The landscape keeps changing from pine trees to primeval spruce tree forest, and once you have passed the treeline you’ll come face to face with the true feel of Arctic. When the van has dropped you off where the infrastructure ends, you will be hopping on the river boat that will take you for a journey up the freely flowing river Lätäseno. Once the ascend gets too harsh due to numerous rapids and partially shallow water, it’s time to get onto your foot for the remaining journey. As you hike through the wilderness by the glistering river, golden eagles gliding above you and elk disappearing in the distance, you’ll come across with flora surprisingly rich in edible plants. Until you realise, you will arrive to our luxurious hideout, your home for the coming days. The 5-course dinner is set on the table, and the wood burning sauna is ready to help you to relax after a long journey to your destination.


The nature is not only holding all ingredients to cook, but also to build a raft. It’ll be rather rewarding feeling to be floating with the self-made rafts on the calm parts of the river. The riverside sauna will keep you warm, should you fell into the cool water a few times too often. However, before this we’ll learn the basics of fire building - without matches! As the day goes by, we entertain ourselves with self-made archery and darts. We will also fix our fishing rods in reparation for the coming days. As the sun won’t set in these latitudes during the summer, we will have plenty of daylight to allow us to have an evening hike to get some fresh superfood out from the wild.



Today we’ll set off for a hike towards the wilderness hut, that will work as our base for the day. As we reach the hut, it’s time to test our recently built fishing equipment, but no one will stop you to try out the professional versions. Once we’ve got plenty of catch to feed ourselves, we’ll learn to clean the fish and cook it by the open fire. Let’s just first pick some tasty wild herbs and edible plants to go with the freshly flamed wild water fish. After indulging ourselves with local flavours, we’ll travel by the river back to the hideout. Some of the rapids en-route require earlier experience, and we may have to be prepared to carry our rafts and kayaks.


As you weren’t far out already in the latitudes of 68’ North, today we take our journey even further, all the way to the Barent’s Sea on top of Norway. En-route we`ll learn basics about compass and reading terrain maps. The Arctic Ocean, separating Europe from the North Pole, contains the world largest cod population, and is well-stocked with haddock and capelin, making it incredible popular place among fishermen. We’ll get on the mountain bikes and conquer some of the Norway’s most picturesque, yet demanding tracks. In the valleys in between Alpine peaks, there are many trails, old forest tracks and construction roads which you can use, and the regions is scattered with hiking trails in the mountains. Thus it can be difficult to navigate on these unmarked trails, and the obstacles on the narrow paths won’t make it any easier. You are surely to appreciate having your newly acquired orienteering skills at hand.



The day has come to put your survival skills into action. We’ll set off for a hike until we join the local herdsmen, and follow their footsteps by participating in the eldest occupation in Lapland – reindeer husbandry. Currently, reindeer are the only semi-domesticated animal which naturally belongs to the north. Reindeer need extensive, undisturbed areas around the year, hence you can be assured, where the reindeer is, there’s tranquillity. It takes little to realise how important it is for this wonderful animal and his herder engaged into this lifestyle, to keep the wilderness quiet and unspoilt. It is their land we wander on, without wanting to leave a track behind. After finding a perfect spot for the night, and learning how to make a shelter against rain, sun, wind and insects for the night, we surely know to take everything with us the day after. While catching some food for the night and enjoying the sunlit final night, it’s easy to understand the herdsmen. This is their home that has remained unchanged for the centuries, and so it should stay. The skills you have acquired are the ones inherited from the herders, and still come at hand in order to survive in the Arctic.


As we reach our van waiting for us by the road we left it some days before, you may feel that while all looks familiar, the world is no longer the same place. It’s the connection you made with the nature, and the disconnection with the civilization. Much later you realize your smart phone is still off, and it may as well stay so.

Your mission is accomplished.




  • 4 nights accommodation in a luxurious wilderness hideout with 4 bedrooms, lounge, dining room, sauna, 2 bathrooms, 4 toilets
  • 1 night accommodation in an army tent
  • Full time private chef, all meals
  • Airport and road transfers by van
  • Visit to the top of Europe; the Barent’s sea
  • Mountain biking in Norway
  • Fishing by the river and cleaning & cooking your catch with the chef by open fire
  • River front sauna & swimming
  • Full time private survival guide
  • Wildlife spotting
  • Learning the basics of survival skill
  • Berry, mushroom and wild herb picking
  • River rafting, canoeing
  • Boat transfers
  • Reindeer herding
  • Building raft, archery, darts
  • Wild water fishing


  • Wildlife spotting tours & transfers by helicopter
  • Turning your expedition into a movie – having our film crew with you
  • Arctic cruise on the Barent’s Sea or king crab safari
  • Visiting Finland’s biggest waterfalls
  • Night in a TravelScapes wilderness tent
  • Quadbike safari

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