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This log chalet comes in 3 separate buildings. The main building includes 8 double / twin bedrooms offering accommodation for up to 16 people. In the ground floor the open space combining kitchen, bar, dining area and living room gives the chalet a spacious feeling and lets people to come together to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere. Terrace connected to this lounge area gives out to the lake in the distant, and provides an ideal place to enjoy the scenery and to have a barbeque. 2 bedrooms are located in the ground floor. This floor has 2 bedrooms with en-suite facilities. First floor has additional 2 bedrooms with en-suite facilities and one bedroom with toilet. The basement floor comes with lounge with fireplace, bathroom, sauna, and further 3 en-suite bedrooms.

In the courtyard there is an extra building with additional 4 twin bedrooms with en-suite toilets and showers. In addition, unique Lappish ‘Kota’ building hides a traditional wood-burning sauna, dressing room, and a spacious grill hut / cigar room, making this separate building ideal for cheerful but relaxing evening celebrations after an active day outdoors.


Your stay in Säikkärä always comes with fullboard prepared by your local chef. The focus is entirely on local produce, and it may well be it’s your chef that cough the perch or picked the mushrooms on your plate. Season allowing, the chef will welcome you to foraging, or learning on how to prepare traditional Lappish meals or how to cook with Nordic ingredients. Just imagine returning home with freshly acquired cooking skills from the local professional, that’s a take away that lives forever on your palate.


The small town of Raanujärvi has had inhabitants since the Stone Age, and since the first residents in the region, the people of Raanujärvi have gathered their living from the surrounding nature.

The Lake Raanujärvi is rich in pike, European whitefish, pike-perch and vendace. The lake is popular for ice fishing, as the abundant number of perch supplies an ever-rewarding catch. The surrounding nature is pure and unpolluted, providing ideal surroundings for berry picking and mushroom picking. Deer, reindeer and elk are common visitors in the region. The landscape is dominated by lakes and forested fells.

Your stay with us in Säikkärä includes:

  • Private chef, including waiting service.
  • All meals with focus on local produce
  • Soft drinks
  • Private activities and transfers, with preference on local operators
  • Professional gear and equipment for the seasonal activities
  • Housekeeping, linen & towels
  • Toiletries & fire wood
  • Host 24/7

Late November – early April

In the wintertime, huskies, reindeer or snowmobiles take the Säikkärä guests through untouched snowy landscapes from shorter teasers to full day expeditions. Once the ice is solid enough, ice-driving season arrives, and in Säikkärä the ice driving tracks can be built on Raanujärvi in the shape of a circuit you wish, perhaps that of Silverstone?

Ice fishing is a pleasant way to spend a sunny day on the ice, as you can cook the fresh catch by the camp fire and learn about local winter delicates. Alternatively, let’s get to know some Arctic survival methods and learn how the people lived back in the time by building your own snow igloo.

May – August

In the summertime, you can trek in the nightless night of Lapland, enjoying the waters or trying various methods of fishing. Imagine the rivers silver from the plentiful fish, crystal clear lakes glittering under the midnight sun, and the thunder of freely flowing white water rapids.

Lapland’s summer is inviting you for a tasty adventure in the wild waters of Arctic. The surrounding wilderness invites you to step closer. Perhaps a climb up to Pieksänjupukka with incredible panoramic views giving to Miekojörvi lake district. Along the route you’ll witness a continuum of time; thousands of years old traces of the retreating Ice Age, hundreds of years preserved ancient pines, and more recently the signs of forestry, as well as new species planted in the region. Or simply taking time in the harmony with Raanujärvi, rowing a traditional boat on the calm lake.

September – October

Once summer reaches its end, the lake invites you for night time fishing in the Arctic darkness; under the moon light and the Northern Lights. Autumn time is also the peak for foraging, as Nordic superfood such as berries and mushroom can be picked directly from the forests around Säikkärä. This is also the time for admiring the colourful spectacle of the fall colours or “ruska” as the phenomenon is called in Finland. As the night temperatures start dropping to sub-zero degrees, you’ll be sensing the fresh breeze of the approaching winter. And there’s nothing like the witnessing the falling of first snow, as everything goes into such a silent halt you can hear the nature taking deep breaths in preparation for a long sleep. It all begins with a few flakes, but the snow is soon rapidly whirling around in the air, and before you notice it’s giving the nature surrounding Säikkärä a warm, luminous white blanket.


  • Ice sculpting
  • Climbing (rock / ice / mountain / sports)
  • Cycling / mountain biking / fat biking
  • Handicraft experiences; learning to work traditional Lappish raw materials like bone and skin
  • Horseback rides with sturdy Nordic horses
  • Hunting (absolutely no trophy hunting, strict regulations apply)
  • Ice skating
  • Jetski
  • Kayaking & canoeing
  • Kick-sledding
  • TravelScapes survival camp - learn to survive in the nature while enjoying deluxe comfort
  • Paddleboarding
  • Photography tour with an expert on Arctic landscape, wildlife or Northern Lights
  • Private visit with Father Christmas in his hidden hut
  • Quadbike / ATW tours
  • Race driving with stuntman
  • Reindeer roundup
  • Samí culture – learn about the indigenous people of Lapland, their culture and lifestyle now and in the past.
  • Santa Claus Village
  • Sauna raft cruise under midnight sun
  • Skiing - Cross country / Downhill
  • Snowshoeing – enter the forests and reach peaks inaccessible by foot
  • Target shooting with local hunters
  • Tobogganing
  • White water rafting
  • Wild water swimming
  • Yoga outdoors (yoga in sauna available year-round)



As you arrive to Rovaniemi airport, you will be met and greeted by your host, who will be looking after you during your stay. The car outside the terminal is waiting for you to take you to your winter retreat 45 minutes drive away. During your transfer, the host will run through the programme with you and offer some refreshments to recover the flight to reach us.

On your arrival to Säikkärä, you will be welcomed by the warmth of the giant log chalet in the wilderness, together with the waitress waiting for you with the welcome drinks. After you have settled down in your rooms, your host will take you around for you to get to know the region, the chalet and the surrounding facilities. Meanwhile the chef has finalises the 3-course dinner with some surprises.

After the dinner you may retreat to the bar area where we have arranged all the drinks as per your request, or start your stay like a true Finn and get to know the delights of a wood-burning sauna.


As all meals will be cooked for you during your stay, the worries are long left behind as we welcome you for the breakfast. Your host will be running through the plans with you, and after the breakfast you will be getting onto the snowmobiles for the day. In Arctic conditions the weather has an impact on all the plans, but your host will ensure we will have the ride of the lifetime, regardless of the weather! We will be trying driving on powder snow on the frozen lakes, zigzagging the trees in the forest, and reach some hilltops for the panoramic views. En-route we will encounter a pack of reindeer, ready to take us deep in the forest in the sleigh. By the camp fire enjoying forest snacks and warm drinks, we’ll be hearing local’s stories of the surprisingly unchanged life in the Arctic. As we approach the chalet after a long day outdoors in the Arctic climate, you may be delighted to find out the dinner, bar and sauna are readily waiting for you. If the night skies are clear, perhaps we hop on the snowmobiles to view the dancing Arctic skies.



After the petrol-filled day behind, today we get to know another method of Arctic transport - husky dog sledding. As we arrive to the kennels, you can already sense the tension of the dogs – all they want is to run. Getting into our own sleds, off we go in the snow shite wilderness. Hearing nothing but the paws hitting the snow, you can let the tension go, and be with the moment, and feel how the joy of the racing sled dogs is contagious.

In the afternoon, should you have requested the ice driving experience, no one else but 2-times F1 world champion Mikä Häkkinen is waiting for you in the chalet. We shall take off to the ice tracks specially designed for you, and Mr Häkkinen will take you for a ride like you have never experienced before.

Finland is the birthplace of many internationally recognized race drivers. Icy surfaces, undulating roads, blizzards, winding dirt tracks and frequent appearances of wildlife on our roads: all of these factors have prepared Finns to manage challenging driving conditions.

You will be equipped with tips for optimum acceleration and breaking, side skid and how to correct an over-steering slide. Mr Häkkinen will teach you how to avoid obstacles by optimising your steering abilities and learning the secret of counter steering. As reckless as the driving on the ice may feel, you’ll be thrilled to experience a controlled 360° turn, and slalom on the tracks like a true Finn. To take this experience to the next level, we recommend to book an additional day to drive yourself, and perhaps combining the experience with quadbikes, ice carts and freestyle snowmobiling.



As you’re already comfortable with the snowmobiles, we can get even further away today, enjoying the ever so white but surprisingly varied landscape. En-route we will stop for lunch at the local reindeer farm, and hear the stories of the life evolving around the reindeer. As we continue the journey in the wild, we’ll meet the local fisherman, who will be introducing you to ice fishing – an ancient method to bring the food in the plate in the winter. We can grill the catch by an open fire on the lake or take with us to the chalet for the late evening snack prepared by your chef. As it’s your final night in the wilderness, back at the chalet, after the sauna, we shall be daring you to bath like a Finn in the winter and stroll in the freshly fallen snow!


If you wake up early enough, we look forward to taking you out with the snowshoes for your final hike in the white landscape, before it’s time to check out and let your driver to take you back to the airport. Säikkärä shall be standing sturdily in the tranquil wilderness like waiting for you to return.



Prices on request. Available for tailor-made itineraries all year around, created for the season.


  • 2-day rental of snowmobile with fuel and insurance
  • Half day husky sledding with own pack of huskies
  • Culinary experiences en-route during activities
  • 3 km reindeer sleigh ride
  • Visit to a local reindeer herder’s farm
  • Ice fishing with the local fisherman
  • Snowshoes at your disposal
  • Northern Lights alerts

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